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Mobile Catering Vehicle Requirements - Dallas

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Mobile Catering Vehilces

  1. The vehicle must be enclosed type such as a commercial van or station wagon with smooth, easily cleanable floors, walls and ceilings.
  2. The vehicle must operate from a fixed, permanent commissary. NO HOME BASE FOOD SERVICE OPERATIONS ARE ALLOWED.
  3. All food must be transported in approved insulated units, electrical heating and mechanical refrigeration to maintain food temperature.
  4. Food containers and all serving articles must be stored and dispensed in a manner to prevent contamination.
  5. Food may not be sold from a mobile catering truck. The vehicle is used strictly to transport the food and equipment to the catering suite.
  6. The firm name and permit number must be affixed to both sides of the vehicle in at least three (3) inch letters.
  7. The permit must be maintained with the vehicle at all times.
  8. The vehicle must be kept clean at all times.
  9. The vehicle must report daily to a commissary for supplies, cleaning and servicing. If the applicat does not own the commissary, a Commissary Approval Form must be completed and submitted to the Food Protection and Education Division for approval. All commissary forms must be notarized if the owner cannot be present in our office at the time of signing.
  10. If the commissary is located outside the city limits of Dallas, a copy of the health permit and most recent sanitation inspection conducted by the regulating health authority must be submitted.

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