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Flea Markets – Excellent Venue For Vending Carts & Food Concession Operators

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Vending cart and food concession operators should investigate local flea markets as possible venues, for their businesses. A good flea market can have hundreds if not thousands of visitors each day that they are open, not to mention the vendors who are forced to remain in and around their selling area, preventing them from leaving the grounds in order to obtain nourishment.

Almost any fast food will work well at a flea market and in the summer items such as ice cream bars, Italian ice, popsicles, cold drinks including fruit juices, energy drinks, sodas and water will do extremely well. Food items such as hotdogs, sausages, hamburgers, fries and pizza; food items that can be easily held while walking are also very popular, especially if there are no or limited access to tables and chairs. Confectionary items such as fudge along with food items such as pretzels and popcorn can also do well.

An operator should consider, in advance of arriving at the flea market, how they will handle condiments if their product requires them. Items such as mustard, relish and ketchup can create a real mess if they are put out for self customer service. Always remember that cleanliness definitely increases sales. Many people are fearful of food concessions and vending carts for health reasons. If your food service area looks messy, dirty or unsanitary many people will not do business with you.

Fees for a booth or parking area positions are usually quite reasonable, especially those flea markets that are held strictly outdoors. To be successful at a flea market it is usually important to arrive very early in order to get good positioning, unless of course the flea market is organized for advanced position bookings or long-term arrangements. The day usually ends no later than 4:00 pm although in some unusual cases a flea market will be busy until early evening.

Most flea markets will require that you be completely self contained, as they do not supply hook-ups to water or electricity.

Operators that use barbeque techniques for food processing must ensure a smoke free environment or the vendors around you will be complaining.

When booking a location at a flea market, ensure that you have access to garbage facilities or bring your own garbage bags. In most cases you will be responsible for cleaning up the area around your location.

Find the right flea market and you can have a great weekend income!

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