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Dictionary Of Mail Order Terms - If you plan on starting a mail order business, here is some terminology that you will want to become familiar with.

Financial Dictionary - Articles about the most popular and commonly used financial terms

Financial Glossary - Terms used in financial transactions and in stock trading.

Glossary of Personal Finance and Mortgage Related Terms

Glossary of SEDAR Terms - Terms used in conjunction with electronic submission of information with the Canadian Securities Administration.


Glossary of Strategic Relations Terms in Business - A fully annotated directory of strategic relations terms and meanings as they apply to business including examples and cross-references.

Insurance Terms Glossary - Glossary with definitions of more than 60 insurance terms.

Investment Glossary - Investing glossary with more than 110 definitions.

Mortgage Glossary - Glossary with definitions of more than 90 mortgage terms.

Trademark Law Glossary - Trademark law resource provided by Marklaw features an extensive glossary of trademark terms, and extensive information about trademark law for small businesses.

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