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Radiant Heat And Your Concession Trailer

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You operate a concession trailer or mobile catering truck and what you probably do not realize is that you share a common problem with the US Navy, Army, and Coast Guard.


When the US Navy had heat build-up problems with their remote control vehicle trailers; when the US Army had heat build-up problems on their Patriot Missile Launchers; when the US Coast Guard had heat build-up problems on the decks of their coastal patrol ships based in Miami and Puerto Rico they all went looking for a solution. They required a solution that did not involve additional power to support supplemental air conditioning systems.

They found it in a relatively new product to enter the market – Insuladd! (as shown in the window on the right)

Basic white roof coatings (paint) are simply reflectors of light (radiant energy) that turns into heat when it strikes an object such as the roof or walls of concession trailer or mobile catering truck. As the white coating becomes dirty from normal contaminants in the air its ability to reflect radiant energy is reduced until it reaches a point where it is reflecting very little radiant energy what-so-ever and the heat is being transmitted directly to the interior of the trailer or building.

Insuladd has developed ceramic microspheres, to be a broad spectrum (visible and infrared) radiant energy reflectors. When Insuladd is added into ordinary paint or other roof coating it creates a radiant barrier, not simply a radiant reflector as white paint is.

As an example: By painting the underside of a concession trailer roof with Insuladd the interior will be noticeably cooler in summer and warmer in the winter. Regular white paint alone does not contain the properties to perform this temperature stabilization.

Insuladd has been used by companies such as Container House International, to paint their shipping containers in order to reduce the interior temperature and lessen the loading on refrigeration units.

Insuladd can be purchased as paint or as an additive that can be blended with paint or other coatings.

Note: Insuladd can also be used in homes to increase the "R" factor on exterior walls.

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