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New, Easy To Prepare Menu Item Provides High Profits!


Your customers tastes are always changing and people are, in general, eating healthier.

A new menu item seems is gaining great acceptance, not only by guests but by food concession operators across North America, Australia and the UK.


Why do customers like soup?

  1. In general, it's a healthy meal.
  2. It is served quickly, no waiting for food to cook.
  3. It's easy to consume.
  4. Can be eaten on the go.
  5. Relatively inexpensive.
  6. Can be served chilled when it's hot out or served steaming when it's cold out.

Why do concession operators like soup?

  1. Very high profit margins.
  2. Easy to make; many cold soups don't require any cooking.
  3. Quick service, ladle into a cup. You can have cups pre-filled for very busy times. Reduces lines and waiting, frustrated customers.
  4. Provides the opportunity to easily sell various portion sizes.
  5. Can be created as an "organic" item.
  6. Can be created as a "vegetarian" item.
  7. Little if any waste. Most soups can be served the next day, with proper overnight refrigeration
  8. Can be made to suit any ethnic taste. (Every culture makes soups.)

From simple Chicken Broth and Beef Broth soups to more complex offerings such as Chilled Watercress, Potato & Leek Soup, you are only limited by your imagination.

If you're looking to be unique; different from your competitors - consider preparing and serving soups.

If you need that perfect cold or hot soup recipe try

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