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Organic Food Makes Its Mark On This Year's Festival Circuit!

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After many years of experimentation, organic food has finally arrived in the food concession industry.

Throughout North America more and more festivals and fairs had food concessions that were hustling organic products.

Why has it taken so long? Food concession operators are notorious for being slow off the starting block. Many believe that a food concession is designed to provide greasy and messy products. They have a tendency to model their operations after others around them, and while looking at the success of others can be a valid way to enter a business, it does not leap frog you ahead of them. You become an industry follower rather than an industry leader.

But, there are other reasons why organic foods took so long to make a firm entry into the food concession industry. The manufacturers were slow to make the products available in bulk form. This was primarily due to the fact that most of the organic foods were being processed by small, local companies, who were having problems keeping up with producing enough products for supermarkets and specialty health food stores.

Every day a new organic supermarket opens and every day, supermarkets are expanding their organic food sections, because a percentage of the population realizes that the foods filled with chemicals are not healthy and want healthier ways of life and that percentage is growing daily.

Raw material production has and still is a problem, farms processing organically cannot keep up with demand. But, to the rescue of what was a fledgling market only a few years ago, has come the big manufacturers who have their own farms and can demand that the market change to provide organic staples, such as floor, spices and oils.

I have been unable to find a food commodity that cannot be procured as an organic item!

Now these organic raw materials and processed foods are being made available to the food concession industry. It is definitely a strong marketing strategy, especially if you have been having difficulty gaining access to certain fairs and festivals.

Organic foods do cost more, but the population that wants organic has been educated that organic does cost more and they are willing to shell out the money, you will be able to maintain your profit margins and as you may be unique in any specific fair or festival, your prices will be difficult to compare.

Twenty years ago the food concession industry was hamburgers and hotdogs, then came the arrival of the first ethnic food - pizza. Now ethnic foods populate 75% of the food court at any fair or festival. It won't be long before organic food concessions are taking 25% of the space.

Don't be the last one to jump on the organic bandwagon!

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