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Preventative Maintenance – A Key Too Profitability In The Food Service Industry!

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Preventative maintenance is a major key to profitability in the food concession, mobile catering or vending cart food service businesses.

Unscheduled downtime can be the ultimate disaster. People count on food service businesses.

Missing a scheduled event or a factory lunch break can be the thin edge of the wedge that your competitors have been waiting for in order to take over your servicing that specific customer.

Most equipment comes with proper cleaning, preventive maintenance procedures and instructions, yet I am always amazed by the number of operators who completely ignore these documents, as if they know better than the manufacture of the product. Rolling stock needs preventive maintenance not only with respect to the equipment, but the vehicle itself. Regular oil and filter changes, lubrication, tune-ups, tire rotation and replacement, inspection of hoses and belts all need to be done according to the manufacture’s recommendations.

Basic vehicle inspections should be performed every evening, after that day’s route has been completed. A visual inspection and air pressure check of all tires (especially for vendors servicing construction sites) should be performed. An inspection of belts and hoses to ensure that clamps are tight and belts are taught. Oil level, brake, radiator, and automatic steering fluid levels should be checked and topped off if necessary. An inspection of the air filter, especially for vendors operating in high dust areas, should also be preformed daily.

Inspections of generators and/or cooling equipment on vehicles or trailers that are so equippe should be done, at a minimum weekly to check hoses, connections, and coolant levels.

As vehicles, trailers and carts move from location to location, the vibrations associated with the relocations can easily make fittings and nuts and bolts loosen and come apart.

Don’t become a victim of poor maintenance procedures. It’s your lively hood and your investment take proper care of your equipment and vehicles and they will continue to provide you with a profit.

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