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Safety first – Profit second!


While most books and articles written about the food concession businesses discuss how to make a profit, profit is not the most important aspect of operating a food concession business.

Whether you operate a lunch or coffee truck, a food concession trailer or a vending cart the most important aspect about your business is safety.

Often in our haste to get from one location to another or our desire to invest as little in our operations as possible we forget that making a profit can only happen if we arrive at a location with all our equipment operating.

On April 11, 2011 a Manhattan hamburger concession truck exploded, as shown in the picture below, seriously injuring the two operators. The disaster occurred when the concession truck’s propane tank exploded, while it was on route to its next location.

food truck fire

If profit is truly a concern, then safety must be part of the equation. This concession truck is out of operation and will not make any profit for a considerable length of time.

It is important that all equipment, not only propane tanks are inspected regularly. I have seen many concession trailers and concession trucks with tires that have little or no tread; propane hoses and regulators that are worn to a point where they no longer seal and equipment and supplies that is poorly stored during transit.

When did you last check the charge in your fire extinguishers? You have been meaning too, but you have been busy – I understand! Do you know where the fire extinguishers are? Are they in a very convenient location or are they hidden behind boxes of supplies?

Let’s all arrive home safely! Safety first – Profit second!

On behalf of the staff of we hope that both of the operators of this concession trailer make a speedy 100% recovery from this horrible incident. Our thoughts and best wishes go to them and their families.

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