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Have You Prepared For This Years Festival Circuit?

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For many of us spring is the time to dust off and freshen up our concession trailers and food carts in preparation to once again head out on the festival circuit.

A coat of paint, some axel grease and air in the tires may be all that is needed to ensure a safe and prosperous journey on the open roads. However, now is also the time to consider your menu; the assorted food, and beverages that you offer your clientele.

We live in an ever-changing society, especially in the area of fast food consumption. In 1954, McDonalds menu primarily consisted of hamburgers, fries, soft drinks, and milkshakes. Today the McDonalds menu has expanded to include, salad, chicken, fish, juices and water. Fast food operations prominently display specify caloric content and other health information about their menu offerings.

New methods of fast freezing and storing food coupled with our ethnic diversities have brought a multitude of new and exciting offerings to food concessionaires. Although the fast food industry is always under pressure from health advocates, it has improved dramatically over the years. The use of oil containing trans fats is all but history in the food industry. Even McDonalds recently announced that it would be eliminating all oils that contain trans fats from its restaurants over the next two years.

Many people have the desire to eat healthier and will look for opportunities to fulfill that goal. One of the newest, eat healthier fast food concession items to be launched is organic products. Products that are based on organic agriculture are taking over the shelf space of supermarkets faster than any other products ever have. Very few businesses consider shelf space return on investment more than supermarkets and for these companies to dedicate more and more space to organic products can only mean that the consumers are buying them.

Food concessionaires and vending cart operators have to be careful when considering diversifying their menus. In general, the more items on a menu, the greater the amount of food that will not be sold and will need to be disposed of. It also usually means a longer service time for each customer. Combined these two items can prove to be an economic disaster for the operator.

In order to add some diversification to your menu and avoid the problems associated with wasted product and longer service lines, consider items that require little if any preparation and have long storage lives. Fruit flavored yogurts in individual serving containers and packaged energy bars both have long storage lives, require little service effort and are considered by most to be very healthy products.

As a side benefit, festivals and fairs are always looking for unique vendors to enhance their overall attendance. Diversity in food is one way to standout amongst other food vendors.

Of course, you have to cater to the tastes of your customers and the needs of the festivals and fairs that you attend. Change for the sake of change is never a good business decision. Consider your menu and your alternatives and then do what is best for you.

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